Dr. Martin R. Moreira Jr., Ph.D.
Dr. Martin R. Moreira Jr., Ph.D.President and Founder

About Dinatec, Inc

After years of intensive research in the field of agricultural product development and high technology feed additives, Dr. Martin R. Moreira launched DINATEC with the goal of bridging the gap between the demands of the agricultural farmer/producer and technology producter for a strategic position in today’s global economy.

Several very significant product technologies are now made available through DINATEC’s ever-increasing network of highly qualified distributors.

Our commitment is demonstrated daily through the very intensive work and dedication of all concerned staff, which have, through the visionary leadership of Dr. Moreira, been able to integrate highly qualified research facilities and technicians from the private, public and university level sectors throughout the United States to deliver and implement leading-edge cost effective technologies in a marketable form.

This packaged technology is then reliably distributed by our very able and dedicated network of highly qualified distributors worldwide.

DINATEC realizes that our most important asset is our fine distributor network and their ability to sell this technology to the end user through the ability to communicate it’s technical advantages.

Dr. Moreira states, “DINATEC must be able to provide and support leading-edge technology products to our distinguished clientele and make sure that the return on investment to the end user amply justifies the initial investment. As a company we must stay close to the market place through our distributor network and be able to understand the evolving needs of today’s modern farmer in order to gear our investigative and research efforts to serve those specific needs This can only happen to the degree that we as a company can institute and maintain a high-level relationship and understanding with our distributor family. We must also stay closely connected to the opportunities made available through the mainline research ‘think tanks’ of the U.S. highest technological breakthroughs and use all our expertise to utilize these technologies to our customers advantage. In so doing we must never heed to the temptation to depart from the truth, for excellence, quality and efficacy can only be achieved when truth is the foundation.”

In the coming months DINATEC will be bringing into the market place innovative and exciting technological product breakthroughs. Products and technologies that will impact our lives for the better.

We aspire to be able to share with our distributor network a very rapid-paced growth and the goodwill that we are sure this will generate. It is predicated upon this conviction and spirit of goodwill that we proclaim our desire that for DINATEC and DINATEC’S family of distributors the best years are still to come.

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