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Dinazyme B/W Dry ®

An Introduction to Advanced Systematic Enzyme Technology


Dinazyme B/W Dry is a powder acid-neutral xylanase/b-glucanase/pectinase/cellulase product from an advanced non-GMO non-pathogenic strain of Trichoderma longibrachiatum (formerly T. reesei) producing enzymes Generally Recognized As Safe for food applications (FDA Ruling Docket No. 79G-0372), also on the accepted list of AAFCO (see Official Publication, 1999, pp. 208-209, and 2000, p. 226) and Canadian list of approved protein feeds (entries 5.4.42 and 5.4.43).

Products of this origin are used world-wide as processing aids in baking, juice extraction, wine clarification and animal feed. Its levels of xylanase / b-glucanase / pectinase /cellulase activities allow the enzyme to break down arabino-xylans, b-glucans and other non-starch polysaccharides in poultry, swine and aquaculture diets, containing high amounts of wheat, rye, barley, triticale and certain other cereals. It should be noted, that without such enzymes the broiler diets cannot accommodate more than 20% wheat or 15% barley or 15% rye.

Why include Dinazime B/W Dry ® in your rations ?

  • For better feed utilization when using feedstuffs containing high levels of arabanoxylan and beta-glucan such as wheat and rye.

  • To maximize animal performance, even when digestion capacity is limited e.g. in times of stress.

  • To upgrade lower quality feedstuffs, enabling least cost formulation.

  • To reduce or eliminate wet litter problems caused by high digesta viscosity.

  • For a stable and safe enzyme option.

  • To improve litter quality by reducing digesta viscosity.



Tan free-flowing powder. (Note that color does not affect or reflect activity.)


Slight fermentation odor.

pH (1% solution)

7.0 + 1.0


IU/gram, pH 4.8, 50°C (122°F), Reducing Sugars from wheat arabino-xylan, medium viscosity (supplied by Megazyme, Ireland), using DNS:

Xylanase (Hemicellulase) ->2000 IU/gram

Side Activities include b-Glucanase, Arabinase, Pectinase and Cellulase

According to IUPAC definition, 1 IU of enzyme activity is providing the formation of 1 micromole/min (6.03 *1017/min) of cleavages of polysaccharide chains (resulting in generation of the amount of reducing ends chemically equivalent to 0.18 mg of Xylose/min).


When used as directed in this bulletin, Dinazyme B/W Dry can be utilized to accomplish the following:

  1. Decrease viscosity of arabinoxylans, b-glucans and pectins in high-wheat and
    high-barley poultry diets to minimize wet droppings.

  2. Break down cell wall polysaccharides to increase energy utilization from
    high-wheat and high-barley poultry, swine and aquaculture diets.


Dinazyme B/W Dry is designed to be included into poultry and swine diets at a rate of 400 - 1300 grams per metric ton of feed.

When included into the final poultry and swine diets, the enzyme can undergo heating during pelletizing the feed at the temperature not exceeding 85°C (185°F) for several minutes.

Certain benefit from the product addition is achieved already during steam pre-conditioning and pelletizing, when the non-starch polysaccharide start being degraded by the enzymes. However, the optimal action of Dinazyme B/W Dry is displayed when the product is included into poultry, swine and aquaculture diets and consumed by animals into the digestive tract. The enzyme is stable under acid stomach conditions and continues performing in the intestine. In analytical tests activity is displayed at temperature of 40EC - 57EC (104EF - 135EF) and pH of 4.2 - 6.5.

Diversified Nutri-Agri Technologies , Inc. is constantly testing their enzyme products in customer-oriented applications providing the most adequate technical and application support of the enzyme use.


Dinazyme B/W Dry will retain more than 90% of declared activity after four months when stored at 21°C - 25°C (70°F - 77°F).

Dinazyme B/W Dry will also retain more than 90% of declared activity after 1 month when stored at 37°C (99°F) original packaging in dry conditions away from direct sunlight.


Information covering specific applications for this product is available from your Diversified Nutri-Agri Technologies sales/technical representative. We will work with your technical personnel to resolve problems and optimize your process.


For detailed information please refer to the Dinazyme B/W Dry MSDS available upon request. We also recommend consulting the Enzyme Technical Association handbook, Working Safely with Enzymes, or the various AMFEP publications on the safe handling of enzymes.

The most precise fit occurs during transition state that precedes the final reaction.

Normal effect of pH on enzyme activity. Dinazime B/W Dry ® is able to withstand
a wide range of pH ranges while maintaining efficacy. The colored lines depict
maximum functionality for normal pH dependant enzymes. Purple is for acidic,
brown for neutral, and red for basic solutions.

Is Dinazime B/W Dry ® stable when pelleted ?

Dinazime B/W Dry ® is stable during pelleting at temperatures of up to 85°C. At temperatures above this, the enzyme is denatured. With pelleting temperatures in excess of 85°C, Dinatec recommends the use of its liquid counterpart Dinazyme B/W Liquid applied post pelleting in order to ensure maximum enzyme activity.

What diets are best suited to the use of Dinazime B/W Dry ® ?

Activity over a wide pH and temperature range means that Dinazime B/W Dry ® is suited to a variety of animals and feeding conditions. Dinazime B/W Dry ® can be used in the feeding programs for any species, although the greatest results are obtained when included in monogastric diets.




Guaranteed analysis:



Xylanase (Hemicellulase) ->2000 IU/gram


Analysis (Dry matter basis)

Moisture, %


Potassium, %


Dry Matter, %


Magnesium, %


Crude Protein, %


Calcium, %


Crude Fat, %


Sodium, %


Ash, %


Iron, ppm


Sulfur, %


Manganese, ppm


Phosphorus, %


Copper, ppm






Physical Characteristics



Tan free-flowing powder.
(Note that color does not affect or reflect activity.)

Bulk Density


Storage & Shelf Life

Store in a cool, dry place. The shelf life of Dinazime B/W Dry is 4 months.


Dinazime B/W Dry® is available in 25 kg. bags or drums.

Use Rates

Add 2 lb (1 kg) per ton of pig or poultry feed. Dinazime B/W Dry ® Powder: 1 kilo/ton. Dinazime B/W Dry ® Liquid: 1 L/ton.


Slight fermentation odor

pH (1% solution)

7.0 ± 1.0

Storage and Stability

Dinazime B/W Dry ® is non-toxic and non-pathogenic. Store in a dry location with temperature not exceeding 80°F. The stability during storage depends on storage temperature. Under normal storage conditions (70-80°F), the activity of Dinazime B/W Dry ® can be guaranteed to remain within product specifications for at least 4 months. Shelf life is three months in stored premixes and feedstuffs.


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