Effective solutions


Aquaculture Products


Aflabind TM Advanced mycotoxin binding technology
AquaKure ® Advanced bio-systems de-contaminant
Dinaglucan ® 100 % natural 1-3, 1-6 linked Beta-Glucan with 70 % BG content
Dinamune ® 100% natural immune system enhancing technology
Dinapell ® Advanced Pellet Binding Technology
Mycolactor ® Advanced pro-biotic and mycotoxin elimination technology
Dinase ® 100 % natural odor control technology an excellent source for saponin content.
Dinasil Dry ® Advanced toxin binding technology
Dinodornox Liquid ® Advanced ammonia emissions control

Advanced Enzyme Technology
Dinazyme B/W Dry
Dinazyme C/S PBM Dry

Advanced Sanitizing Technology
Dinaxine ® Advanced stabilized chlorine dioxide sanitizing technology