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Active Ingredient All natural Grapefruit Seed and Pulp Extract (Citrus peel extracts)
Description Antimicrobial Compound
Application Citromic® is an extremely potent and effective broad spectrum bactericide, fungicide, antiviral and antiparasitic compound. Citromic® is synthesized from the seeds and pulp of grapefruit. Citromic® is environmentally safe with a low toxicity to man and animals.
Mode Of Action Studies indicate that the antimicrobial activity of Citromic® is in the cytoplasmic membrane where the uptake of amino acids is prevented and disorganization of the cytoplasmic membrane and leakage of low molecular weight cellular contents.
Uses Range ppm
Agriculture: Bactericide and fungicide in both pre-harvest
and post-harvest treatment
50 to 250
Fish and Poultry: Disinfectant for fresh fish and poultry, preservative for processed fish and poultry 100 to 1000
Animal Feed: Mold inhibitor and antiparasitic 50 to 250
Food: Preservative and antioxidant 10 to 250
Cosmetics: Preservative and antimicrobial 1000 to 10,000
Water Treatment: Disinfectant for contaminated water 50 to 250
Therapeutic 50 to 200 mg/dose

Citromic® should be handled with care in full strength.
Avoid contact with the eyes and avoid breathing vapors at full strength.
Any direct contact with the skin should be thoroughly rinsed with water.

Chemical Description Diphenol hydroxybenzene complex
Appearance (liquid) Liquid/Heavy Viscous
Color (Gardner) 2, Lemon Yellow
Odor Mild citrus
Specific Gravity ( d25 íC) 1.110
Density (lbs./gal.) 9.6
pH ( d25 Íc) 2.0 – 3.0
Flash Point (íF) 292
Viscosity (Centistoke) 134.91
Molecular Weight 565
Solubility Water, alcohol and organic solvents
Citromic® Liquid Extract Citromic® Powder Extract
Grapefruit Extractives 60% 50%
Glycerin-USP 40% 30%
Silicon Dioxide-USP NA 20%
Total 100% 100%

Citromic® is considered non-toxic and a non-irritant at dilutions up to 2%. Citromic® is also considered non-corrosive.

Liquid Extract Powder Extract
net wt. 50 lbs. net wt. 500 lbs. net wt. 55 lbs. net wt. 110 lbs.
gross wt. 53 lbs. gross wt. 524 lbs. gross wt. 59 lbs. gross wt. 117 lbs.