Dinamune Liquid ®

Powerful yeast culture with mananoligo saccharides, (MOS) and a high content of alpha and beta glucans for stronger immune systems

Description: Dinamune® Liquid consists of a powerfull preparation of hydrolyzed inactive yeast components, yeast extract, and yeast culture. Dinamune liquid provides a very rich supply of fermentation nutrient metabolites derived from the fermentation of a specially selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Dinamune liquid is an excellent nutrient source for all classes of
livestock and poultry.

Purpose: Dinamune Liquid is designed to be used in liquid feed, milk and milk replacer applications, and poultry drinking water applications to derive the same benefits of dry yeast preparations.

Appearance: Slightly viscous greenish liquid.

Storage Conditions: Store (bulk) in a clean tank at a temperature less than 140°F. Preferred storage conditions are 26°F to 140°F. Protect from prolonged freezing conditions. Store containers under same conditions. Can still be used even if frozen and completely thawed.

Feeding Directions:

Dairy: Calves 4-8 grams (3.6 – 7.3 ml)/hd/day
Lactation 14 grams (12.5 ml)/hd/day
Dairy Cow Drench 1-2 ounce/dose as required
Beef: Calves 4-8 grams (3.6 – 7.3 ml)/hd/day
Growers 10 grams (9 ml)/hd/day
Poultry: 100 to 500 PPM (10-50 ml/100 liters of water)


Packaging: One liter,2.5 gallon, 55 gallon drum, 250 gallon tote.

Directions for use: See product label.