Advanced a source of functional plasma proteins

The Ultimate Source of Digestible Protein for Baby Pig Rations


Crude Protein min. 78.00%

Ash max. 10.00%

Crude Fat min. 0.30%

Threonine 4.80%

Crude Fiber max. 0.50%

Lysinme 6.80%

ME* ( Swine ) 3906 Kcal/kg

ME+ ( Poultry ) 3831 Kcal/kg

Ingredients: Wheat Gluten, Spray Dried Whole Blood (with Plasma).

Features and Benefits

  • Highly digestible blend of animal and vegetable protein
  • High concentrations of amino acids, protein, and energy
  • Palatable source of protein
  • Used in swine starter feeds at the rate of 5 to 10.0% of the ration
  • University data to support the use of the protein sources in young pig rations

Product Specifications

Color: Light grey
Characteristics: Free flowing powder
Storage: Dry location
Bagging: Multi-walled poly-lined paper bags

FIELD TRIAL: Performance of early-weaned pigs fed porcine plasma or DINAPLASMA

Forty pigs were removed from their dams and fed rations containing porcine plasma (4%) or Dinaplasma (4%). Pigs were individually weighed on day 0 and 8, and the weights were used in calculating average daily gain. Feed consumption was recorded and used in determining average daily feed intake and feed efficiency for the treatment groups. Data is summarized in Table 1.

Average daily gain of pigs fed Dinaplasma did not differ from the gain of pigs fed porcine plasma. Pigs fed DINAPLASMA tended to gain more efficiently than pigs fed porcine plasma. The cost per unit gain was less for pigs fed Dinaplasma than pigs fed porcine plasma.

TABLE 1: Performance of pigs fed porcine plasma or Dinaplasma

Weight (kg) Porcine Plasma Dinaplasma
Beginning 3.98 3.98
End 5.34 5.36
Daily Gain (gm/d) 169.8 172.3
Feed Intake (gm/d) 388.0 358.0
Feed Efficiency 2.28 2.07
Cost per Gain ($/kg) 1.06 0.88


Add at 0.5 %, 5 kg per metric ton, to gestation and lactation diets for saws.

For piglet feeds add at the rate of 0.5 to 6% of diet or 500 grams to 6 kg per metric ton as follows:.

Phase 1: 6.0% dietary plasma through 28 days of age (~1 kg feed/pig).

Phase 2: 5.5% dietary plasma from 28-42 days of age (~4 kg feed/pig).

Phase 3: 1.25% dietary plasma from 42-56 days of age (~8 kg feed/pig).

Phase 4: 0.5% dietary plasma from 56-70 days of age (~18 kg feed/pig).