Economic advantages by using DINASE 30-15

Results from swine and poultry experiments abroad revealed the following:

In swine, DINASE 30-15

– Reduces environmental ammonia by 50 %

– Reduces intestinal ammonia by 50  60 %

– Improves Feed Conversion (FCR) by 4.5%

– 1.3 more weaned pigs/sow/year

Improves weight gain by 4.9%

In Dairy cattle

– 3½ lbs more milk/ cow/ day

In broilers

– 40% reduction in ascitis mortality

– Weight gain increases by 2 %

– Improves Feed Conversion 2%

– Layers, 46 more eggs

– Pets show a reduction of 50% plus in environmental odors, better health and overall disposition

Why is ammonia dangerous to animal health?


What is DINASE 30-15?

DINASE 30-15 is a technologically advanced source of saponin.

What is the active ingredient of DINASE 30-15?

DINASE 30-15 is a naturally concentrated extract of the Yucca Schidigera plant.

How does DINASE 30-15 work?

– Ammonia is reduced as a result of improved protein (nitrogen) utilization.

– Improves weight gain by depositing high percentages of dietary nitrogen in lean tissue (muscle), as a result there is less waste nitrogen excreted.

– Therefore, less ammonia is produced.

– Improvement in feed efficiency reduces the amount of protein (nitrogen) required to produce a unit of weight gain.

– Less nitrogen is consumed by the animal.