Dinazyme C/S PBM Dry ®

Advanced corn/soy based enzyme technology

The preferred enzyme supplement for corn/soy-based poultry and pig diets.



If your corn/soy based feed costs are $220.00 or more per ton,

Dinazyme C/S PBM WILL:

  • Reduce broiler meat production costs by $0.10 to $0.18 per bird per month.
  • Reduce feed costs by $1.50 to $2.00 per ton of finished feed.
  • This translates into huge savings and great opportunities for our distributors and clients.

What is Dinazyme ® ?

A diet supplement which enhances nitrogen utilization and increases protein digestibility with the active ingredient protease, resulting in increased absorption of amino acids and peptides.

Dinazyme C/S ® also contains amylase, which breaks down the starch content of feedstuffs and Xylanase, a complex hydrolytic enzyme preparation which has an effect on hemicellulose substrates containing xylan, manan and glucan.

Effective action of the enzyme complex is due to the presence of other important hydrolytic enzymes, which decompose cellulose, lichenin, araban and pectin.

A combination of amylase, Xylanase and protease boosts the digestibility of typical corn and soybean meal-based diets, resulting in more nutrients available for growth. Inclusion of Dinazyme C/S ® in the diet supplements endogenous enzymes animals lack or produce in low amounts.

Is Dinazyme C/S ® for all species ?

Dinazyme C/S PBM is recommended for use in corn soy based diets fed to broilers, turkeys, layers and pigs.

The Problem

High energy diets based on high starch and protein content are desirable at an early age for the monogastric. However, at this early stage the animal’s endogenous enzyme system is not yet fully developed and is unable to adapt quickly enough to match demands of current feed management programs.

It takes time for the immature pancreas to adapt to the new diet and produce the necessary amounts and types of digestive enzymes.

Much of this feed remains undigested and is simply wasted, but worse this undigested feed promotes “nutritional scours,” which provides substrate for the growth of diarrhea-causing pathogens.

Enzymes form complexes with their substrates. The binding of a substrate to an enzyme active site is termed the “enzyme-substrate complex”. A generic equation for complex formation is as follows:

E + S <> ES <> E + P

The Solution is Dinazyme C/S ®

Supplements animals’ immature endogenous enzyme system.

Maximizes animal digestion performance, even when capacity is limited, e.g. in the case of young animals or rapid diet changes.

Optimizes nutrient utilization of high-energy feedstuffs.

Enzymes bind temporarily to one or more of the reactants of the reaction they catalyze. In doing so, they lower the amount of activation energy needed and thus speed up the reaction.


  • Lower cost raw materials while maintaining or improving performance levels
  • Lower incidence of digestive problems caused by unassimilated fiber,
  • which also improves litter quality
  • Better nutrient absorption and more uniform weights
  • Reduces fecal volume and nitrogen excretion levels
  • Increases daily weight gain
  • Increases egg production
  • Lowers feed conversion
  • Cleaner and better yolk color eggs
  • Increases ratio of lean-to-fat tissue
Efficacy Effective over a wide pH and temperature range.
Packaging Available in 5, 10 and 25 kg pails or 55 lb. bags.
Storage In dry location. Do not exceed 26°C.
Shelf Life One year in original sealed container. Three months in stored premixes and feedstuffs.
Use & Dose For any corn/soy based feed. Layer/Breeder feeds. 200 grms/metric ton, Broiler feeds. 250 grms/metric ton. Pig diets. 300 grms/metric ton.

CAUTION: Dinazyme survives pelleting temperatures of up to 85°C


ECC IUB # 3. 2.1.8
ECC IUB # 3. 2.1.8
ECC IUB # 3. 2.1.8
25 kg bags
25 kg pails
10 kg pails
5 kg pails