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Aflabind TM

Mycotoxin binding technology

Cattle Booster ®

Rumen buffering technology

Mycolactor ®

Pro-biotic and mycotoxin elimination technology

Dinapell ®

Pellet binding technology

Dinamune ®

Immunology enhancing technology

Dinasal Dry and Liquid®

Highly efficacious Salmonella inhibition technology

Dinase 30-15 Dry®

Dinazyme WP

Dinase 30®

Saponin availability source technology on a free flowing silicon dioxide carrier

Dinasil Dry ®

Toxin binding technology

Dinaplasma ®

Plasma replacement technology

Dinaprop ®

Dinaprop Liquid and Dry mold inhibitors

Dinaferm 1B and 2B ®

Active yeast fermentation technology
Dinaferm ® Yeast cell wall extract fermentation technology
Dinodornox Liquid ® Ammonia emissions control
Ovum Plus ® Egg shell strengthening technology
AquaKure ® Bio-systems de-contaminant

Advanced Enzyme Technology
Dinazyme B/W Dry®

Advanced Sanitizing Technology
Dinaxine ® Advanced stabilized chlorine dioxide sanitizing technology

Dinase 50®

Saponin availability source technoloy