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Dinaferm 1B and 2B ® Advanced active yeast fermentation technology

Advanced Technology in Natural Fermentation

We are pleased to offer an active yeast supplement called Dinaferm7. The active yeast will be Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Saccharomyces cerevisiae (SC), commonly known as baker's or brewer's yeast, is one of more than 500 distinct species of yeast. The (SC) cell is approximately 1/10,000 of an inch in length and like the human cell possesses a nucleus, with chromosomes and nucleoli, separated from the cytoplasm by a membrane.

Dinaferm is offered in two main presentations. Dinaferm 1B and Dinaferm 2B.

Dinaferm 1B is guaranteed at a minimum of 1000 million, (1 billion) colony forming units, (CFU=s) and Dinaferm 2B is guaranteed with a minimum of 2000 million, (2 billion) colony forming units. The colony forming units are placed on a 100% active protein, fat, fiber, vitamin and mineral carrier. The typical analysis is a minimum of 5% fat, 10% fiber and 35% protein. The amino acid content is guaranteed as a minimum % of: Arginine 1.83, Cystine 0.60, Histidine 0.90, Isoleucine 1.50, Leucine 3.50, Lysine 1.60, Methionine 0.60, Phenylalanine 2.00, Threonine 1.35, Tryptophane 0.40, Valine 2.00. The following minerals percentages are included:

Calcium 0.20, Phosphorous 1.10, Selenium 1.10(ppm), Sodium 0.15, Potassium 1.00, Magnesium 0.20, Manganese 21.30(mg/kg), Iron 184.05(mg/kg), Copper 29.60(mg/kg, Zinc 75.00 (mg/kg). The following vitamins will be included (mg/kg): E 36.80(IU/kg), Biotin 2.45, Choline 3400.00, Folic Acid 7.80, Niacin 245.50, Pantothenic 60.00, Riboflavin 20.00, Thiamine 50.00 and Pyridoxine 25.00.

Dinaferm 1B can be added at a dose of 1 kg per metric ton, and Dinaferm 2B can be added at a dose of 500 grams per metric ton of feed. Both products are available for packaging in 25 kg multi wall, heat sealed poly-ethylene lined paper bags and/or 25 kilogram plastic pails. Dinaferm is indicated for use with cattle, sheep, goats, equines, swine and poultry.

Both products have a density very close to between 33-35 lbs per cubic foot. We can load 20,000 kilograms in a 40 foot container, and 16,000 kg in a 20 foot container. In both cases product are placed in pallets and plastic wrapped.

Delivery is 25 days after receipt of L/C in good order.